New release and a graphic book for Parshas Noach

Between the holidays and the web site hacking, I am just getting to this now, and unfortunately, these two books are not available on Amazon Prime, but perhaps you can find them in your local bookstore, or read them later in the year. And there is always next year…

Let My World Survive by Rabbi Yosef Deutsch is a new release, a novel-like retelling of the story of Noach based on traditional sources. I haven’t read it yet, but if it’s anything like Rabbi Deutsch’ previous books then it’s a great read.

Noach and the Flood by Rabbi Mordechai Chalamish is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel which retells the story of Noach, with midrashic sources, for the younger set. My seven year old son loves this book.

Hope you enjoy these!

P.S. If anyone did not receive the bonus Yom Kippur story due to technical difficulties please be in touch with me. I can resend.

Back to learning!


Hope everyone enjoyed the fall holidays. My apologies for the recent technical difficulties. When I opened this website the day after Simchas Torah, I found out that its entire contents had been wiped out. How and by whom? I have no idea, and neither did the tech support. Thank G-d, the database was intact. It took me several days to restore the site, but now it is back up and running! And I’ve learned from experience and installed BackupGuard to back it up occasionally. If you encounter any technical issues please let me know, as I’d like to make sure that everything is working.

Now that that the holidays are over, the school year is picking up speed. In my house, we are always looking for good books with Jewish values. I’ll be posting about the books we’ve enjoyed recently, and I would love to hear about the ones you and your families/students enjoy. And if you are looking for a Jewish book on a specific subject please comment below, or email me at We’ll do our best to help you out.

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Have an easy and meaningful Yom Kippur! May you be sealed for everything good!