Recent releases we’ve enjoyed

It’s been a while since I posted about the new books my family and I enjoyed. Here are some we read recently.

The Chase – A Novel by Rabbi Meir Uri Gottesman is engaging, fast-paced, and full of mysticism and symbolism. At first, my daughter got it from the library, but we liked it so much that we bought our own copy. It’s a beautiful book that can be read again and again.


Code One by Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman is a beautifully written, fast-paced thriller with well developed, memorable charactres. It takes places in modern day Britain, but much of the plot revolves around the massacre of the Jewish community of York in the 12th century. My teenagers loved it. I read it in one sitting — I couldn’t put it down.

We are very excited about the sequel that just came out:

Code Two – A Novel. I bought it, but haven’t read it yet. With enough self-control, I might save it for Pesach :).


Just Imagine! The Purim Story Today … by M. Safra is a graphic novel retelling the story of Purim in modern day terms. My eight year old son loved it, and even my teenage daughters found it interesting.

Hope you enjoy these!

Book list for Shemos (Exodus)

As we begin Sefer Shemos (Book of Exodus) this week,

here is the updated book list.

Coming up: some books my family and I enjoyed recently.