For all ages. Stories and midrashim on the haggadah.

Beautifully illustrated picture book that tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Ages 4-10.

Picture book. Ages 4-8.

Graphic novel-style haggadah with lots of midrashim included. Ages 4-10.

Great introduction/overview of Pesach. Ages 4-8.

Novel-like retelling of the story of Exodus from Egypt, based on traditional sources. Older children and adults.

Ages 12 and up. Novel set in Egypt during the Ten Plagues and the exodus. Powerful, brings the story to life. Somewhat graphic when it comes to the plagues — not for sensitive children.

Graphic novel that retells the story of the Exodus from Egypt in a way that this generation can relate to. All ages.

Beautiful picture book with photographs about preparing for Pesach in the the Old City in Jerusalem. Ages 4-8.

Graphic novel-style haggadah. Ages 4-10.

True stories with beautiful illustrations. Ages 6-12.

Sweet novel set in Eastern Europe, centered around the Pesach seder. Ages 8-12.

Great children’s haggadah, nice illustrations. All ages.

Great children’s haggadah, nice illustrations. All ages.

Cute picture book based on a midrash. Ages 4-8.

The story of the exodus in pictures. All ages.

Stories about a child living at the time of the Exodus. Ages 6-10.

Picture book which tells the story of the Ten Plagues in rhyme. Ages 4-8.

Picture book for the younger children, ages 3-6.

Graphic novel, where the protagonist goes back in time and experiences slavery and the exodus.

Graphic novel about the exodus from Egypt.

Novel set in Egypt at the time of slavery. Ages 8-12.

Beautifully illustrated Haggadah based on traditional sources. For older kids and adults — some illustrations are rather graphic.

For younger children.

Cute picture book in the style of Amelia Bedelia. Ages 4-8.

Picture book for ages 3-8.

Mystery surrounding the process of selling chametz before Pesach. Ages 7-14.

Cute picture book about Pesach cleaning. Ages 4-8.