Great introduction to Purim for ages 4-8.

Picture book which tells the story of Purim.

Novel for older children and adults, where the story of Purim is told from the point of view of Queen Esther.

Graphic novel.

Graphic novel which tells the story of Purim in a funny and engaging way. Great for all ages.

Detailed history and photographs pertinent to the place and time when Purim took place. For older children and adults.

Novel-like retelling of the Purim story, based on traditional sources. For older children and adults.

Megillah with a simple translation and illustrations.

Great illustrations; good for all ages.

Story about celebrating Purim, for beginning readers.

Graphic stories.

Holiday stories for children; includes a Purim story.

Illustrated megillah for children.

Illustrated megillah for children with child-friendly translation.

The story of Purim retold and illustrated for younger children.

Fascinating facts and insights about Purim for older children and adults.


Just Imagine — The Purim Story Today. Graphic novel that portrays the story of Purim in today’s terms. Ages 6 and up.