Book recommendation: The Scribe by Rabbi Uri Raskin

The Scribe by Rabbi Uri Raskin was recommended to me by my teenage daughter’s friend, and I was pleasantly surprised at its depth and profundity. While this technically isn’t a children’s book, my teenage girls and their friends enjoyed it. The Scribe deals with heavy issues — the Holocaust, faith, and father-son relationships. In the context of the story, the author discusses love and fear of G-d and touches upon the question of why bad things happen to good people. Along the way, the readers get glimpses of the process of writing a Sefer Torah. I especially recommend it to parents of children who learn in ways different from the ones supported in a traditional classroom environment.

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2 thoughts on “Book recommendation: The Scribe by Rabbi Uri Raskin”

  1. Thank you, Yehudis, for this latest recommendation. Our older teens really need non-preachy books that dig deeply and explore the complex theological issues they will undoubtedly grapple with as they grew into young adulthood.

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